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      Wild Women, Unite

      Wild Women, Unite

      Hundreds of thousands of us descended upon Indio, California to dance, laugh and maybe even squeeze in a transformative experience or two at the bohemian rhapsody that is Coachella.

      Which brings us to our next point.

      As we’re sure you’ve heard, Beyoncé literally rocked Coachella to its core, upending our idea of what a music festival should be: our favorite acts, flower crowns, and a rotation of after-parties. Don’t get us wrong—those things are great. But as we looked around at all the beautiful women showing up for the force in front of us, we realized something.

      We come for the music. But we stay for each other.

      Get to know a few of the rad ladies who made the festival pure magic.


      On the experience: “The best part about being at Coachella is being in an environment where everyone comes together. It’s truly a magical desert oasis where you can take in everything around you. Oh, and the fashion of course! It’s so inspiring to walk around and see so many unique outfits. Festival fashion is the best.”

      Wild Women, Unite


      On the contagious Coachella energy: “It might sound a little cliché, but the whole vibe there is honestly the best part. Everyone is so happy, it’s impossible not to smile and have the best time.”

      On what friends are for: “I would have to say that my friends are some of the most inspiring women in my life. They’re always motivating me to be the best version of myself, and being around them always makes me feel happy and confident.”

      Wild Women, Unite


      On lifting each other up: “Being a Feminist means going against the past mindsets of girls tearing each other down, instead building each other up to realize that we can do anything we set our minds to.”

      On model citizens: “I find Cara Delevingne super inspirational—she brings a tomboy look in a feminine way and uses her voice as a celebrity to empower women which is something I hope to do one day.”

      Wild Women, Unite


      On a new desert trend: “Wild west meets Palm Springs chic.”

      On Beyoncé: “Her work ethic, dedication, and drive are a thing of GREATNESS. We could all learn a thing or two from the queen.”

      On what it means to be a feminist: “Feminism means being a BOSS in life and at work.”

      Wild Women, Unite


      On becoming our parents: I’m inspired by my mom, especially as I get older and see all the ways she sacrificed and encouraged me and my siblings to be who and where we are today. She’s a good example of continuing to grow as a person and learn new things, even as you grow older—I really respect and hope to emulate that. I also really admire and am inspired by Brené Brown’s work.?

      On festival food for thought: I have so many good memories of Coachella over the years, but the best part of being there this year was getting to see Beyoncé put on such an iconic performance. I know it’s all anyone is talking about but, for good reason. She’s such an inspiring person and artist, and I know I’ll remember that performance forever. Oh, and the pizza.?

      Wild Women, Unite


      On who inspires her most: “My mom, because she’s one of the hardest working people I know. And it’s all for her daughters (I have no brothers).”

      On the meaning of Feminism: “Equality for all mankind.”

      On what inspired her look: ˉ\_(ツ)_/ˉ

      (We dig the honesty.)

      Wild Women, Unite
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