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      2019, A Year Of Wellness

      By the time the ball dropped and the champagne ran out on New Year’s, you were ready for a change. Not a big one, of course. But something significant to kick start your 2019 on a healthful note. So for January, we’re working towards living a more well-rounded life and hope you join us on this journey. Throughout the month, we’ll feature people who are leading the charge, sharing their learnings, and inspiring us through this process.

      Pre-spring wellness

      Q&A with Rebecca

      This year, let’s focus on making achievable goals, no matter how small, and stop to actually celebrate when we reach them. Every little bit helps.What does the New Year mean to you? To me the new year is a time to take stock, set new goals, and break them down into tiny doable steps so you can get excited about checking them off as you get stuff done. How do you approach the beginning of a new year? For 2019, it’s getting back to being more active for me. I was quite lazy and ate a lot last year. So I’m thinking in terms of a detox or cleanse and some good old-fashioned sweating. Describe your wellness routine: skin, fitness, nutrition. I work out twice a week. I try and fit it in everywhere, whether it’s running to drop my kid off at school, taking the stairs to his class (7 flights up), or jumping rope in my apartment. Skincare is easy on the outside because I take care of my insides with probiotics and gut-restoring drinks. So then on the outside, I use some Joanna Vargas moisturizer and a little mascara. I eat gluten-free and usually limit my carbs to once per day. What's the best piece of advice you ever got?Persist on a given course. The path isn’t easy no matter what road you take. If you want to succeed, persist. How do you deal with stress?I take a walk. I don’t look at my phone. I exercise with some great music on. I get out and get space. Finish this sentence: The best thing I do for my wellness every day is _____.Sleep! I am nothing without it - especially now that I wake up at night to feed my baby. So I go to bed when the kids do and try to be horizontal as much as possible.
      Rebecca Minkoff

      In the spirit of wellness, a new year, and working towards better versions of ourselves, we’re partnering with a few brand friends to help you get there.

      P.volve A fitness revolution you can stream from home, P.volve helps you find your best body with a science-backed program that sculpts, lengthens, and tones to eliminate bulk and creating beautiful shape and definition. Expect results to include a stronger body and noticeable boost in your overall wellbeing and confidence. If you want to find out more in person, come to one of our store events this month: New York City 9:30 a.m. Sunday, January 13 RSVP: Los Angeles 10:00 a.m. Friday, January 25 RSVP: Each workout will be followed by private shopping and an extra 20% off discount, as well as Jus by Julie Juices and Recess CBD Water for all attendees. Shop in our Chicago and San Francisco stores throughout January to receive a special discount on P.volve equipment and streaming programs.
      JUS by Julie The Brooklyn-based juice company will bring their delicious approach to eating well along with their juices, smoothies, and various healthy snacks to our stores all month long. Caudalie This French company makes effective, grape-oriented natural skincare from their vineyard in Bordeaux. Products are natural, paraben free, and recommended for all skin types. Stop by any Rebecca Minkoff store in January to try their anti-aging moisturizers, creams, cleansers, & treatments and take a few samples home. Recess CBD WaterThese new sparkling CBD drinks are all the rage for relying on adaptogenic herbs–a class of botanic herbs that all help your body adapt to stress–to provide a calming effect. “We all have too many tabs open in our browsers and in our brains,” the company says. Find a reset and some rebalance when you stop by our stores in January. Peace Out SkincareA company set on pioneering, Peace Out uses clean ingredients and innovative technology to produce one-step skincare so you can focus on what really matters - YOURSELF. Try their products at our San Francisco store throughout January and help make peace with your inner self.

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